Almost TGIF Time…

It’s almost FRIDAY!!!

I know you’ve heard about the struggle in the morning before, so I’ll just skip to the part where I get to the gym. Whew, I made it to the gym, half the battle is over.

Low end cardio day today, with only a 700+ calorie, burn, but that’s not using any of the high burn machines (ellipticals). I did a quick round of Abductors and Adductors and rounded of the morning with a nice stationary bike session.

I am really digging my Nike+ IPod integration. Lance Armstrong congratulated me on completing me longest run to date. That’s not too bad for a Thursday morning. I have a full day of meetings to look forward to now… Yeah (that’s just a bit sarcastic, but not over the top).

Meeting with Dr O has been confirmed and things are definitely looking up.

If I can do tomorrow that will be sweet.


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