Thursday’s SUCK

Still Saturday morning, sun is still shining and I’m only 2 posts behind…

Thursday Morning
Woke up this am and had almost no desire to gym. Ok maybe about 65%, but no more than that. Got up and headed up for the daily Greens+ and breakfast and passed Ms Ward on her way out. Not much was said (as she was pre coffee and I was sleepy), but its always nice to actually see someone (other than Rhodey) in the morning.

That’s where Thursday went horribly wrong. Got dressed and out the door early and at the gym in record time. Looked in the backseat, guess what, NO GYM BAG. After some very colorful language drove home. Thought about skipping the gym, had enough reason too, grabbed the gym bag and went back. Bonus!

Cardio was a lot harder today, as it was only a 950 calorie burn day. Different elliptical today, treadmill and bike, but was pressed for time due to the above issue. Body is starting to complain, but I have new motivation, so it better get used to eating better, working harder and sleeping less.

Today was also the day the food log started again. This may not sound like much, but it helps me keep track of what I’m putting into my body and makes you accountable for any indiscretions (chips at lunch IT Boys).

Had a great talk with Dr O, and I look forward to hearing from him soon.


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