Friday’s hurt…

Now I’m up to date…

Friday Morning
If yesterday was 65% if favor of going to the gym, today was -5434%. That being said, I did drag my but out of my warm bed, let the dog out and proceeded to the gym.

It was a cardio day again with a nice burn of 1050+ calories on the same three machines as yesterday. Cool item of the day though, started using my Nike+ and iPod Nano to track my workout on the treadmill. Lots of fun, and a cool toy to boot.

Keeping this one short as I’m still recovering from the Motionball gala last night where I tried to drink their entire supply of Iceberg vodka. Nearly did too. Only problem with that (besides the headache) is the fact I ate pizza LATE last night. Booooooo.

See you after Superbowl. GO SAINTS!


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