P90X Day 30

Things I want to do on a Sunday:
1) Watch Football
2) Relax
3) Eat deep fried foods and junk

Things I don’t want to do on a Sunday:
1) P90X, specifically Plyometrics
2) Eat healthy
3) Do Plyometrics

So here’s the update from an unbelievable Saturday night in Toronto. Ace and Lori were in town for dinner with the Katherine, Mike and I. They were breaking the news to everyone about the fact they are expecting (I found out last week at dinner). So we arrive at the Green Eggplant and find that the restaurant is RAMMED. We put are names down and wander down the street for a drink and to await Katherine.

Well the pub had buy a pitcher of beer get free nachos…
How can you say no to that?

An hour later we are seated and have a couple of drinks and order dinner (I had a burger with grilled veggies and feta and an order of sweet potato fries). They had just broken the news to Katherine that they are pregnant when they drop another BOMBSHELL and tell us that they got MARRIED yesterday. Holy Crap! Well needless to say the rest of the night turned into a celebration (including the Rocky Mountain Brownie Sundae) and a copious amount of Gin.

Fast Forward to Today…

So after watching the early games I realize that not only do I want to keep the streak (working out everyday since October 31st) alive, but I was not a healthy eater last night. So figuring that this should be my punishment I open the calendar to check which P90X workout is on deck.

C’mon, Really??

Plyometrics. Well, if this is how it has to go down, this is how it has to go down. I threw down and did Plyo vs the one-legged man. Surprisingly it was not as bad as I remember. I Got through the workout without too much discomfort and with a good sweat on. I’m not saying that Plyo is something I want to do on a regular basis, but today, not bad.

OK, long winded post, I know, but a lot has happened. I’m going to kick back for the remainder of the night after a delicious chili-lime pork tenderloin dinner.

See you at the gym,


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