Die Hard Monday

Boy, Monday comes early when you don’t sleep well…

Woke up at 6:00am and dragged my big rear end out of bed and off to Goodlife. I didn’t feel like cardio this morning, but powered through a 1K calorie session. Elliptical, Elliptical and Bike, nice morning.

After it was all said and done, I felt pretty good though. Well, allow me to amend that statement… I didn’t hurt from my cardio session, but my back, shoulders, triceps, glutes and legs were ON FIRE. Jumping back into P90X with Shoulders, Chest & Back and Plyo might not have been the best idea.

Made it though…

Dinner was a nice little creation, tomato sauce (with ground beef and spicy Italian sausage) with spiral noodles baked with garlic bread. OK so the bread portion wasn’t supper healthy, but it was whole wheat pasta and tasted awesome (according to Steve, Kris and Spanky).

And we watched Die Hard III

See you tomorrow,


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