P90X Day 29

OK, so as I begin Phase 2, with Chest, Shoulders & Back, I discover that there are another 8 kinds of pushups about which I was unaware. These discoveries are starting to make me feel as though I had lived a very sheltered life o’ these 33 years. I mean, if they introduce any more that I don’t know, I might just start to develop a complex…

This is another one of the top programs by Beachbody (makers of P90X). Unlike Yoga X and Core Synergistics, this workout keeps you moving without repeating moves. You hammer away through what has to be 20+ exercises alternating between max reps and the standard 12-15. It’s very upbeat and after the time off between the last Chest & Back session and this workout, I can feel the loss in muscle. Not encouraging, but self-inflicted none the less.

Didn’t quite make it to Brantford for football this morning (Sorry B-ford folks), but hung out with Mikey and had a nice relaxed evening. Headed out or Dinner with Ace, Lori and Katherine and then meeting Mike after the Leafs lose (not slagging the Leafs, just being honest).

Didn’t fare too well last night as I had late eats, but those are the little stumbles you have to get through. Pasta session after the workout and now a little R&R…

Have a Great Saturday,


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