P90X Day 26

Yes, you read that right…

P90X, back in the hizzy!!

There is a lot to be said about being motivated and liking what you are doing. I know it sounds, odd (is odd the right word?), strange, not normal (you get the idea), but I really enjoy a good workout. Now that’s not to say that I wouldn’t rather be sleeping, but once there, I won’t quit (as long there is a clear purpose).

I think that’s what the problem is with the P90X Recovery Week, I don’t like the YogaX and I really don’t like the Core Synergistics. Once is bad, but twice in a week, c’mon that is cruel and unusual punishment (and not the good kind. Plyometrics is punishment, but when you are done getting schooled by the one-legged man (Michelle looking at you here), you feel good about getting through it. Not CS, you just feel that you aren’t flexible enough and don’t have a six pack).

I don’t give a hoot about having a six pack, unless its of beer!

I don’t see myself strolling up and down any beaches displaying my midriff to try and impress people who would only be interested in me for my body… Wait, have I got this whole having abs thing backwards? OK, I will revisit this topic at a later time.

Friday is almost here and another cardio day is calling. Going to be a tough weekend to be healthy as Signal Hill is in town Friday, Fireball is Saturday and the Yoga-thon to sponsor Alzheimer’s research is on Sunday (and yes I am aware that I am giving money to do Downward Dog after whining about it for two months. Thanks for noticing).

See you later,


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