P90X Day 24 (ish)

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Now before you judge, I do have a very compelling set of excuses. They are as follows:

Thursday: Woke up and passed on Kempo thinking I would just come home after my CT Scan and knock off the workout. Thursday is garbage day, so as I’m bringing out the trash, I notice a big empty patch of driveway where Steve’s 2009 Honda Ridgeline USED to be. Needless to say Thursday went out the window while I spent the day filing police reports and trying to get a hold of Mr. K. (who was on a cruise).

Friday to Monday (actually early Tuesday): So by the time the police responded @ 12am I was pretty wiped out for Friday (so no P90X) leaving jolly Toronto a little behind schedule (Michelle, looking at you), we were on our way to Iowa. What’s in Iowa? We were attempting to visit Iowa vs Michigan at Iowa homecoming. We didn’t make it into the game because the scalpers were trying to charge Superbowl prices, but it was a fun time. Besides the 4 HOUR wait to cross at Queenston, it was a good trip.

Tuesday to Wednesday: Up bright and early and off for quality family time in Kitchener. Good time with Mom and Pops and a little of Oktoberfesting with Spanky at the Concordia Club Industry Night.

Thursday: Back to Toronto for an adjustment with Dr Chris and Fringe (best show on TV).

This brings us to Friday…

P90X has recommenced. Kempo X in all its awful glory is done and done. Anyone know a good Doctor out there who can cut this useless out? Anyways, from here on I’m going to rededicate myself to making sure I P90 every day. I know the excuses are good, but let’s be honest, they shouldn’t fly. I will work harder…

See you tomorrow,


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