P90X Day 23

Wow, it’s not Synergies, its Synergistics…

Difference, nothing. That is not a fun workout, I don’t care who you are. There are 4 MORE kinds of pushups. Can you believe it? There’s also something called the Banana Rolls. If you haven’t tried them, don’t, they hurt.

These exercises focus on the core (go figure), all the moves were extremely tough to do. Not sure how I feel about this disc. I don’t hate it as much as Yoga X, but it might be a close second. It’s funny how I have either a love or hate relationship with these workouts, no grey area.

Going to be tough week to be motivated, Kempo X on deck for tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s the workouts. I think the start of fall is affecting my body, as I have little to no desire to roll out of bed in the morning. Who wouldn’t be hesitant, nice warm bed or get up into a cold room and workout…

Let’s just get through the recovery week,


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