P90X Day 25


As weird as it sounds, I’ve never been a ‘stretching’ kind of guy. Shocking, I know. I am really becoming of fan of this session, lots of moves and nothing too stressful on the ankles and generally nice and calming. I still have these issues with clear your mind (just like Yoga X), how are you supposed to do that??

Today is football Sunday, so there won’t be too much activity. Diet will be key because there has been a lot of food and booze over the last week (although, we went to Chimichanga last night and consciously did not eat my whole meal). I need to focus more on portion control (especially since my visit home. Mom, we need to talk about portions. I got spaghetti and meat sauce from Mom in a container and she said its maybe 2 meals. MAYBE? Holy Cow! That was an easy 4 portions).

Going to try and hit 3 gym nights this week and put my nose to the grindstone.

See you in the am,


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