P90X Day 20


So I slept in yesterday morning and had every intention of doing Kempo when I got home. Well, stayed at work late, got home and had a quick drink with Kris (because we were supposed to go out with our friend Jody, but we couldn’t find him). Steve gets home, we have a couple more drinks, watch the highlights of the ‘Wipeout’ couple episode and then head out for dinner. Got back, start playing Bejeweled and the next thing I know its 10pm.

Wake up this morning with about 7 snoozes and finally roll out of bed to complete Kempo X. Shockingly, I did not hate it this morning. Granted Kempo is still not in the top 5 for exercises, but I seemed to be focused and rearing to go. Lots of kicking and punches this morning and felt pretty good all around.

So with that behind me, Greens+ and cereal, quick shower and the work day can begin (although I would be fine if it didn’t).

See you on Friday,


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