P90X Day 21


Spent a lovely evening with my cousins Maggie and Jon and came home bright and early for Stretch X (wow, no there’s some dedication). Watched the Leafs loose in OT (figures) and Maggie’s version of lasagna (Mags, just saying, you may want to start before 7pm next time).

Stretch X is pretty good, lots of bending and flexing. Some of it is impossible (shoulder stand into plough anyone?), but for the most part a very useful session. So that’s 3 weeks in the bag, and now comes a shakeup…

Not sure what the shakeup is (actually I haven’t looked yet), but I’m sure it will be difficult and painful. I’m headed to Brantford tonight to celebrate Denis’s birthday (and to see Lisa of course) and then FOOTBALL on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it as a barometer of my cardio health. I haven’t felt really pressed cardio-wise, so if I find that I’m lagging, I’m going to add cardio sessions on the elliptical at the gym in the evenings.

Hope everyone has a good weekend…


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