P90X Day 19

Where’s the blog…
(You know, just like the ‘Where’s the beef’ commercials from the dawn of time)

I bet you thought there was a day off happening here, didn’t you?

Well I must admit that I was not in good shape this morning. Thanks to the cough I picked up via my 2 Roommates (Steve and Kris, we are all looking at you), I was awake for most of the night and in no way shape or form able to function today. After letting Phil know I wouldn’t be in, I spent the next 6 hours catching up.

Now, I am caught up.

First thing on the menu, Legs and Back day… This is officially fav exercise #3 behind Chest & Back and Shoulders & Arms. Was a good burn for the legs and got to work out some more using the chin-up bar (still using the box). Lots of lunges and squats (some of which are irritating my ankle, which in turn is pissing me off) and after a shower its off to see Dr. Chris to see if he can make this thing better.

Remarkably though considering the amount of hard running I did this weekend (and not counting the line drive off the foot/ankle) I feel really, really good. Made a couple of plays that I’m sure I wouldn’t have been anywhere near 4 weeks ago.

See you tomorrow for Kempo,


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