P90X Day 3

Ok Kat, this post is for you…
OMG, Day 3 was TFM…

For those not versed in the short forms of late 2009 that works out to Oh My God, Day 3 was Too Freakin (and no that’s not what the F really stands for, but we are keeping the blog PG) Much.

Shoulders, arms and triceps day… Good thing because those were about the only things that didn’t hurt this morning. Actually thought for a few minutes that I wasn’t going to be able to go, but I would have had to disappoint my cousin… Not gonna happen.

One thing for sure about P90X, my body hurts, not aches, hurts. It’s the good hurt though. Not the, I hurt myself tripping on a speed bump and need to go to the hospital hurt, but the I worked my butt off and my body hurts. Except for my left foot. Left foot you say? Yes, left foot. It seems there may be some type of arch injury (according to Dr Chris who called it a dropping arch) which is causing some severe discomfort and may result in Thursday being an Aleve kinda day.

Other than that, I feel pretty good. The diet isn’t on track strictly speaking, but I am making healthy choices. In fact check with my roommates (Kris and Steve) or Spanky (yes Mike I called you Spanky) for a review of my BBQ Chicken Salad Sandwiches. I was told they were pretty good, but they may have been trying to not hurt my feelings…

The one negative so far is the Ab Ripper X workouts from Day 1 and 3. I haven’t been able to complete the entire one yet. Disappointing, but I will keep working at it. Yoga X tomorrow for an hour and a half!!??!


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  1. YOGA!!!! Yes the BEST part for you my dear Bernard!! Can't wait to hear how your downward dog is doing! 😛

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