P90X Day 18

Things I learned today:
1) Yoga is still not fun
2) Stretching a body that played 5 softball games is painful

Let me give you 2 statements to chew on:
1) Calming Yoga
2) Flexible Bernie

Both of the above statements are what I believe to be oxymoronic. The definition of oxymoron: a figure of speech that combines two apparently contradictory terms, for example cruel kindness. I don’t understand how Yoga can be calming if you are pretzeling your body into positions it surely won’t like and you don’t want to do. It’s tough to clear your mind while you are focused on not falling on your face.

Anywho, Day 4 is complete (it may not have been pretty) and I look forward to getting through today. A little stiff through the hips and legs from the ball tourney, but not too bad overall (Except for the fact that Brett Favre is an ass-clown and stole a victory from the 49ers).

So begins another Monday… Boo…


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