P90X Day 16

Plyo Day…

Not a good workout, period. Not that the workout presented by P90 isn’t good, but I did not have a good workout. I think there is a 2 step excuse coming:

1) I think psychologically I was trying to protect my ankle which has been feeling pretty good since I saw Dr Chris.
2) I am getting sick… Thanks a lot Kristin (who kisses Steve nightly, who drove me to work Wednesday with the windows up coughing his face off)

OK, ‘nuff blame and excuses. I will not be P90X’ng this weekend (or at least tomorrow) because I’m playing in another slo-pitch tournament (last ball games of the year). Should be a good time and I’m really looking forward to it.

So Sunday will be Day 3 (if I can move). It’s hard to commit to P90X, but not because of the physical aspect, but because of the amount of time you have to commit. 90 consecutive days is a LONG time, especially if you are doing ‘other’ things. Slo-pitch, biking and other activities wear and tear the body so getting up after playing 5 games and doing Plyo isn’t feasible…

Now that ball will be over, I will be rededicating myself to hitting the P90X every day.

Thanks again blog followers for keeping me motivated.

Have a good weekend,


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