P90X Day 15


Well I brought it, but wow, it was almost ugly (like tossing my cookies at 6:30 am ugly). I went out with the I.T. boys to for dinner (Lone Star) and the Jays game (they won). I may have had some beers and eaten a chimichanga (in hindsight, both of those decisions were not good ones).

Week 3 Day 1 means its Chest & Back Day. I LOVE this workout. Wow, it was only 2 short weeks ago that I was complaining about how much I hated pushups. Now, I can’t seem to wait to get to this workout. I even started working with the chin-up bar today, not straight up, but with the box for assistance.

Today might be a struggle; damn I hate self inflicted tough days…

On the bright side, it’s almost Friday,


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