P90X Day 14

What a GLORIOUS morning!

After I woke up that is. Hit the snooze a couple of times and I was having a great sleep. The kind where you hit the snooze, go back to sleep, think you’ve now slept through your alarm and wake up to see that only 4 minutes have gone by…

X Stretch may be one of the best things since Johnsonville Cheese Filled Bratwurst. This was my first go at the X Stretch (since I skipped it the first week), but wow, what a great activity. Didn’t work up a big sweat, but my body feels turbo charged right now. As I finished my Green+ and started on my Honey Nut Cheerios, I realized that I was firing on all cylinders!

Wednesday is I.T. Day at the big K… We are headed out as a department to dinner and to make sure that the attendance at the ‘Dome doesn’t set the record for smallest ever. OK, so I can’t guarantee that, because lets be honest, the Jays are crap. Should be fun though.

Tomorrow starts week 3,


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