P90X Day 12

Leg and Back Day!!!

Woke up nice and early (if you don’t count the 4 snoozes), to tackle P90X Day 5. I like this workout, even though I do have some issues with the single leg squats (I think February surgery is looking like a certainty). Still can’t do a pull up, but I can do half of one.

Today I will be working on getting the diet back in order. I have found that chips are my nemesis… What kind? All of them. Can’t have them around because I will drive through a bag like a hot knife through a brick of butter. The rest of my meals have been more towards the healthy size although I need to revisit the portion control aspect. I have been taking Greens+ Berry (http://www.genuinehealth.com/by-name/greens.html) and I highly recommend giving it a try. I am also taking calcium, multi vitamins and a B50 complex on days that I work out.

Getting ready for ball tonight, Blue Rams are up 2-0 in a best of 5 championship series. Looking to close it out tonight and defend our title. Barbeque at work, Michigan and 49ers victories and 14 correct picks in the football pool…

Everything is coming up Bernie…

See you tomorrow,


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