P90X Day 11

I dogged it today. I don’t mean I just took my time, I mailed it in with insufficient postage and no return address…

Not a good start to Yoga X day, did the first 30 minutes and said ‘F#$* this’. Went for a walk instead, but didn’t feel like doing that either. I mean I went 0.75 km and as usual something started to hurt and I just didn’t feel like doing it.

Sat at my desk and flirted with the idea of doing the rest of the Yoga session when I got home, but when 6pm rolled around I just wasn’t into it.

Then the bolt of inspiration/guilt/faith/pride (not exactly sure what to call it) came hurtling to me from the direction of Kingston (via Facebook) from my cousin Kat (mentioned on Day 3). After reading that message, I couldn’t let the day close without completing Yoga X.

Complaining (just a bit) I started the session again and once I got passed the ridiculous one legged poses that someone my size has no business attempting, I started to get into it. Forgetting (as I always do) that Yoga is actually a very good way to stretch a body that is tight everywhere (not the good six-pack abs rippling tight, the other one).

So it’s now 9:30pm and I can mark off Day 11 with a big gold star and a ‘Thank You’.

See you in the am,


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