P90X Day 10

What a glorious Monday morning…

Yes you heard that correctly, the sun is shining (well it will be once it comes up), birds are singing (on their way south) and P90X is done. In fact the only thing wrong with today is that the Broncos and the Jets won yesterday.

Finished up the Shoulders and Arms section of P90X and shockingly it was a really good workout. The arms weren’t too bad today and even the ankles were only a tiny bit cranky. It may sound strange but you can start to feel the difference on the second round through these exercises.

Not looking forward to Day 4 (Yoga), but what are you gonna do? You have to take the good exercises with the so-so ones. I’m sure there is long term benefit (as mentioned before), but I’m just not looking forward to it.

Have a good Monday,


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