I Found a Horseshoe!

But I had to take a strange and spooky path to get there…

Who would have thought that finding the ‘Falls’ would have been such a challenge.  Now, not to pick on @FallsMarriott, but their maps needs some updating. When I travel, I usually check the hotel website to see if there are any nearby published routes. I found one that looked easy enough. Make two turns and you are there and Running…


Well it seems there has been some changes to the city infrastructure since this was published because right out of the gate, there was no road where there was supposed to be. No biggie, I kept heading in the suggested direction and eventually found a small closed ‘road’. Two railway tracks, a fence with a hole, another track and an abandoned factory and I found myself near a driveway that led down (the fact that it was closed to everyone/everything was beside the point). Following it down I soon got to the pedestrian path that leads past the Horseshoe Falls.  It was chilly with all the mist and I was glad I was wearing my rain jacket. After taking in the sights (and logging some KMs) I turned for the hotel and realized that I had a huge hill to climb to get back. With my head down and a steady pace (with a quick breather at the lights) I managed to make my way back without any drama.

The Stats

My whole morning route covered 4.25KMs in 33m38s. Considering there were a bunch of stops for #Selfies it wasn’t a horrible time. Did I mention it was cold? Garmin says my pace was 7m55s/KM and that I managed to burn 578 calories before 10am. The standout though was the 50m climb in the last KM.  While all the tourists were walking down the hill, I was the nutjob Running the other direction.

If you haven’t gone for a little spin around Niagara Falls, you really have to. Even if you aren’t Running, the different terrain and the spectacular views are all worth the effort.  My times weren’t fast because I’m still fighting this cold, but overall I felt really good and the sights were inspiring.  The vacation/work exercise bus is still rolling strong, ‘All Aboard’.


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