Swim Bike Combo

It’s a ghost town…

Remember how way back when I said that I needed to add more swimming to my regime to change things up? Well I’ve been in the water, just not as much as would have originally liked.  It’s been challenging to try and build strength in my shoulder through some challenges. Still I’ve been pushing through and its’ been a lot of fun! If you can find some time, pool workouts are a ton of fun!

In The Pool                                                     

The best part of hitting the pool early in the morning is that there is absolutely nobody around. Day one I managed to hit 500m and on day two I upped it to 750m. Not crazy distances, but enough to get the heart rate up and tax the muscles.  Since I’m a data geek, my stats from day one included 458 strokes and a SWOLF of 78.  Day two was 465 strokes and a SWOLF of 60. It’s crazy to see how much more efficient I was over the increased distance. I followed up both sessions with 200m of pool running as rehab for my hip.  My overall goal is to work on building muscle memory (for Running form) driving the knee straight up and down while building cardio as a side effect (YAY!).

My Chariot

Spinning it Up

During this fun week in the pool I also started joining @savannahjessie for a spin classes. Now I will preface this with saying that I do prefer being on the road, but it is a lot of fun to spin with my Lady. For me, I enjoy the challenges of the target zones, but I do struggle staying out of the saddle (standing) because of my knees. Still I normally average about 30KMs an hour with an average power output around 170 Watts (average) for the session. The instructors have all bee n great, my Fenix 3HR connects to the Stages bikes (data geek) and a little healthy competition in the household has been fantastic.

The mix between the pool, Spinning, the #BigBrnzChallenge and the reintroduction to Running has been good for me. How has your challenge been going? I know the #Burpees have been tough, but stick with them, they will help improve your overall fitness. With summer at an end, it’s time to see how I can mix up the training plan. There is some new stuff coming to bigbrnz.com and some big things the next few weeks, so hopefully you stick with the challenge and continue to play along.


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