#BigBrnzChallenge October

I eat Burpees for breakfast…




The September #BigBrnzChallenge was not pretty. It certainly wasn’t at the top of the list for fun activities, but I will tell you what, I got through it.  All of them. They weren’t smooth and they certainly took for-freaking-ever, but at the end of the day they are done. So the big question, how did your challenge go? I know there were a bunch of folks who skipped this one because it was Burpees, but for those that played along… Great JOB!

The Challenge

So this month we are going to blast that booty, but we’re doing it without the traditional squats. Say what now?  This month we are going to be Lunging forward to a new and better you.  Did you see what I did there? 1,000 Lunges.  500 Lunges Left Leg and 500 Lunges Right Leg. Now to give you some direction, from the standing position you are going to step FORWARD with the right leg and try to bring your back knee to the ground.  If you find that you have pain, you only need to bring the knee down as low as you can. Try to keep your front leg (Right in this case) from going beyond the 90-degree mark.  Once you reach your full depth, drive off the Right leg to push yourself back to the standing position.

Bonus Points

Now, if you are feeling really good about your Lunges or if you want to have that little bit extra, then I will raise the bar for you.  Complete those 1,000 lunges while weighted.  Weighted? You can either wear a weighted vest if you have one or hold a weight while doing the lunge.  Grab a kettlebell, dumbbell or can of soup and hold it at chest height while completing the movement.


If you find yourself struggling because of limitations, do not despair, you can still play along. You can shorten your step out and only sink your knee as low as you feel comfortable in doing, or, you can add a step. A step? If you step onto a solid surface with some height (like a step or a plate) than it makes it a little easier to sink that knee a little farther.  In either case, just do your best to get all the Lunges done.

Good luck this month! Try and average at least 200 per week and get them all before the 30th!


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