Double Challenge Trouble

Excuse me sir, this is clearly my Box (@RoRoFromMexico)

How did your April #BigBrnzChallenge go? Did you get through the 2,000 Step-Ups before time ran out? It was a lot. Sadly I suffered FAILURE! Ok, failure might be too harsh a name for it… I was unable to comply with the requested amount of work in the domain requested. Better? Clearly you will need an explanation and you are probably questioning why you haven’t seen anything for May yet. Here goes.

All The Step-Ups

As seems to be the case recently, life jumped in and derailed me a little. With the big changes and the trip to Portugal (more on both in upcoming posts), I thought I had more time than I actually did.  I wasn’t leaving it until the last minute, but certainly wasn’t getting the numbers I was hoping for. The last post on @bigbrnz on Instagram indicated I had just crested 850 of 2,000. There were some late numbers that didn’t get added, 500 @CrossFitCanuck and another 230 at the Sheraton Hotel in Porto. Still 1,580 is not 2,000. 

Modified May #BigBrnzChallenge

And now it’s May 5… Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone (including @RoRoFromMexico)! The Challenge this month will be a little bit different (mostly because we are starting late), but as the nice weather is upon us it’s time to get OUTSIDE! Your goal before the 31stof May is to complete 10 activities of you choice, outside, that have a duration of 30 minutes or more. These activities can be anything physical… a walk or a run. A hike along the trail. Dragon boating. Anything, You choose. Make sure to capture the moments and tag it with #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz to have it posted to the gallery.

Outside is nice…

Getting the 10 activities in during the next 25 days should be relatively easy and fun. Enjoy being outdoors. Make sure you take a second to look around and explore whatever city or town you live in. Find something or somewhere new and maybe even try something new. Hate running? Maybe go for a light jog or a brisk walk. Remember, you aren’t trying to qualify for the Olympics, just trying to get some fitness in. Just get outside!

Good luck to you and enjoy the Great Outdoors!


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