Post Xmas Report

@RoRoFromMexico and the Jolly Fat Man

Merry Christmas (Belated)!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. How is the turkey coma (aka the itis)? The holidays are always a challenge with the gathering of family and friends and the plethora of food and booze. Still there are always opportunities to be active to offset the caloric damage as long as you take advantage of them. Sadly, there isn’t enough snow for a family snowball fight (in Southern Ontario), but there are lots of other options.


No equipment needed here. Just some time and some Planking. How is yours going? Once again I find myself down to the wire and trying to finish. I’ve logged over 31 minutes and I still feel confident that I can hit the 60 minutes before the end of December. You still have time to score some minutes. High Plank or Low Plank, your choice. It’s a quick and easy way to work off some of the holiday festivities.

Aftermath of an @energytreeanne Workout


Especially in the run up to Christmas away, @SavannahJessie and I have been pushing ourselves to hit the gym. Even with crazy work schedules and feeling totally burned out, we’ve really pushed hard to get there. She’s been hitting classes and I’ve been working on the #Challenge and working on getting back into running shape. The runs haven’t been long (averaging 1.25mi), but they have been enough to get me moving and ready for some holiday action.


Considering I haven’t been outside running in a while, I am very stoked about the last couple of days. Christmas Day @Savannahjessie, @RoRoFromMexico and I got out for a family run day.  We covered 3KM at about an 8m18s/KM pace which was good considering we were running with the pooch. On Boxing Day, @JessicaRoy1978 joined me for a slow jaunt around K-Town. Aside from one little detour to recover my lost phone (somehow came out of my case) we were moving at a steady pace. We covered just under 7KM with an average pace of 8m00s/KM.  I wasn’t fast at all, but I was steady and that earns a big gold Christmas turkey!

Winter Running Buddies

There’s only a few days left in 2018, I hope you have time to kick back a bit and relax before 2019 comes barreling in. The January Challenge will be posted on the morning of the 31stand I encourage you to take part (it will be something everyone can do with very little effort). 


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