Week of Food (For Week 32 of 2018)

Food in Pictures


Week number two has been a little bit more interesting, but I still feel pretty good about things. Food still remains that Mount Everest of challenges (or at least it feels that way some days to me). There were lots of wins this week and a few, well, less than stellar moments. Things still feel within tolerances and I’ve been good with logging food (with the exception of Saturdays… somehow Saturdays just don’t work). Exercise while not crazy has at least been consistent.  There is a lot to be said about the motivation provided by Carrot Rewards and SCENE points (more on that in an upcoming post).



Still starting every day with a hit of @PaleoEthics Super Greens and while I was waiting for a big ‘detox’ @savannahjessie kindly pointed out that I was now getting nutrients my body could absorb.  She also asked me to stop holding my breath for the cleanse that would not be coming. Coffee numbers have increased to 2 or three a day, but only 1 bulletproof one (coffee (black), with collagen and MCT Oil). It seems my caffeine requirements have been steadily increasing. I’m still looking for an easy go to breakfast option that can be bulk made (and grab and go). Hopefully soon…



Lunches were really good this week! Exciting right? A nice big batch of stir-fry vegetables (broccoli, onions and peppers) with Blue Menu Lean Italian Meatballs (for protein) and brown rice were a winner. I also had one meal that consisted of baked sweet potato fries and the same meatballs (they were used a lot this week).  On Wednesday where my protein planning fell apart, a quick order to Mr. Greek for Chicken Souvlaki Skewers (200cal, 2C 6F 24P) were a really surprising option.



This week the dinners looked a whole lot like my lunches. Stir-fry veggies and rice (with the meatballs). I also enjoyed an emergency soup (Chunky Steak and Potato) which made for a ‘healthier’ option than say a pizza. We went back to the Mexican Amigos this week and I followed @savannahjessie’s lead this time getting my burrito naked. It was a much better choice, but portion size (too much) was an issue.



Snacks for this week were very low key and consisted of baby carrots and spicy hummus. Nothing glamourous, but they filled the need. There were also a few yogurts (still using up the inventory before phasing out).



Supplements were the same as last week, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin C every day.  This is in addition to the Super Greens, Protein Shake (AllMax IsoFlex Chocolate Peanut Butter) and Recovery (Progenex) that I get during the course of a normal day.



This week its all about the Q’s, BBQ and DQ. One of my coworkers purchased Blizzards for everyone on DQ Charity Day (I had a small Oreo) and we spent Saturday at Cherry St BBQ. There were healthier options at Cherry St for sure, but I lost my head a little bit and sampled the Mac’n’Cheese and the Frito Pie. Both were delicious, but my camera skills for the Mac were terrible. The burger was also delish!


Remember the Lean + Clean Challenge that is coming up at @CrossFitCanuck. If you are a member and haven’t looked at the challenge yet, please do, I think it’s going to be a tonne of fun.



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