Fist Bumps and Night Sweats

So Tired and Full


Geez, it seems like I’ve been gone forever… I needed a bit of a vacation from my vacation it seems. As fun as our trip was, we did squeeze in an impossible amount of stuff and did a lot of driving. Combine that with trying to get back into ‘fitness’, heat and some excess poundage when I got back my body seemed to crash a bit. I could barely make it out of bed most mornings. I had trouble even getting my head to a clear place so I could work. By the time I got home every night all I wanted to do was scarf a large meat lovers pizza and crash.


Anybody else ever run into something like that?



Medical Check

I was concerned enough that I went to see my family Doctor to see if he could figure out what is going on. After some discussion there were questions about depression, but I am relatively confident it’s not that.  Still I’m going to get blood work done (and I will get another set of x-rays on my ankles to see if we can fix any of my restrictions there…Bonus). I’m not too concerned (yet), there has been lots of day-to-day stresses for the last few months and maybe it was just everything catching up.



Movin’ on…



Fist Bumps

Now anyone in or near Toronto can attest to the hot and humid weather that has been sitting over the city like a blanket. It has been tough to run or do anything outside really. Still I have a streak going on with Nike Run Club (be a post on that later) and I needed to get out to keep it alive. I really didn’t want to and the run started with me dropping my phone. Awesome. I made my way out into the neighborhood just trying to get a 5KM in. 15 minutes in another runner approached me head on (was tough to see without my glasses) and as he was passing he put out his hand for a ‘fist bump’. Not a huge gesture and neither of us stopped, but there was solidarity in being out and trying to work on our fitness. It was a cool little moment.



The Stats

It wasn’t fast. Not even a little. 5.43KMs in 44m17s through a 30-degree evening (plus humidity). The hill profile wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before, but my legs seriously felt like lead. Garmin says that I burned 834 calories in that time and after issues last week with my running balance, everything there seems to be back to normal. I was sweating like crazy and it seems like I didn’t give myself enough time after dinner before I set out, because I was carrying a food baby. Even with all that, it was my first evening run (probably ever) and it was nice to change it up.


I’m slowly getting back. It sounds like I’ve been saying that a lot, but anyone who has struggled with weight (and now with injuries and age it seems) knows that it is a constant battle. I relaxed my guard for a bit and I lost a little bit of ground, but I’m not out of the fight.  What worked before will work again, but I can’t approach things the same way. My body has been struggling with injuries and I will have to modify my approach. It’s lots to think about for a Saturday morning, but it all comes down to getting the job done. You just have to go and do it.


Happy Saturday,


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