Seven Days of Hell


Before we get into the whole ‘Seven Days of Hell’ thing, let’s chat about the August Challenge. You remember that little ditty, taking care of your body by stretching or mobilizing for five minutes a day. Do it for 25 of the 31 of August. On a scale of challenges, this is one of the ‘easier’ ones, but still it took dedication to see it through. I managed to hit those 25 days, but it took a little bit of help from a massage therapist and a chiropractor.


Seven Days…


Well as bad as I felt for the remainder of Sunday night, the rest of my week got infinitely worse. Somehow, because of that training run, my back absolutely exploded. Now when I say exploded, I don’t mean a firecracker or 2, but we are talking about a straight out of Desert Storm Bunker Buster. It has been horrendous. I haven’t been able to sit, stand or sleep comfortably and @savannahjessie has had to help me put my socks on. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone…


I managed to get 2 emergency Chiropractic appointments, plus a regularly scheduled massage and a visit with my family doctor. Nothing has helped, including Tylenol Back, Mortrin Super/Ultra and Robax Platinum. Basically I’ve been hopped up on goofballs (Simpson’s Reference) for a week. It has gotten so bad, I’m going to see the Wizard (Ian Murray) at CoreStrength.


Bright Spot of the Weekend (5’s and 10’s are wild)

Pops disagrees…


Through process of elimination, we (all the specialists) think that my heel was jammed which transferred extra force through my knees. This messed up my hips which in turn totally messed up my back. Ugh.


My training is now in jeopardy. I haven’t been able to run (or do anything else). I should be out on the road, but I’m having trouble doing anything. I’ve been stationary for a week. Ugh. There are tough decisions coming. I have to decide by the 18th of September whether I need to defer my entry in the Chicago Marathon to next year (NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO).


Crappy part is over. I’m ON VACATION!!! Two whole weeks of no work! Two weeks to get some items off the ‘Honey Do’ list and to get my body as ready as possible. Wish me luck!




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