Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Did you miss me? Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post, but now
that the jet setting is finished (for now) and I’m working to get back into the
swing of things. This post is for last Tuesday, the day I got back from
Chicago. Now every now and then you have lessons in your life. Sometimes they
are amazing and sometimes they hurt. I had to be reminded that even though my
body is leaps and bounds from where it was, it still has trouble with some
things. Have you got the gist yet? Well I flew back and made my way to a
Slo-pitch game (as an emergency sub).
It was not a good decision.
A week cycling mountains in France and 4 days of late
nights, little sleep, booze, food and the Bean (did you know that Millennium
Park closes at 11pm? Neither did we, but Security was happy to yell it to us).
We landed late so I didn’t get a chance to warm-up more than my arm (and to be
honest I never really did more then that) and when I got to the plate, my first
hack had all the muscles in my back screaming.

It was great to be out there with the team and good to know
that after 2 years off, I can still play. No crazy error. 3-for-4 with a run
scored and a two out bottom of the 7th win. All in all a great day
at the diamond. There were some side effects though, besides my back. My ankles
didn’t like the hard surface or the tight left turns (running the bases) and my
hips started to ache as soon as I stopped.
The rest of last week ended up being recovery. I tried to fight off some type of cold and to nurse my body back into shape. Jillian is ready to start cracking the whip Monday and i can’t wait to get back to the box.


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