We Begin Again… Now.

My Command Centre
Apparently I underestimated the toll that 14.5 took on my
body. Sunday I felt like I got hit by a bus and I’m sure the 5 hours of sleep I
got didn’t help. Monday wasn’t any better and as a result I spent a great deal
of the day in meetings with my bed and even cancelled my normal Monday class
@CrossFitCanuck (I KNOW! Gasps all around and fire and brimstone warming up for
the end of humanity). As the day progressed though I got more and more
restless. The Open is 365 days away and it is time to start getting ready
again.  The Open showed me strengths and
weaknesses and where I have to devote my energies. It’s time to start moving.
I got moving just after 5pm with the goal of just getting a
light walk/jog in. Today’s session ended up being 37m49s and covered 5km. Today
was not pleasant or easy. Aside from one good stretch of running at 6.5MPH I struggled
to keep moving. I was an unhappy triangle of grief. My left hip, right
hamstring and left Achilles were all voicing their displeasure.  All I can think of is the Burpees did this to
me. I will get them for this (I know, sounds crazy talking to a Burpee).
My overall pace today was decent, clocking in at 7m34s/KM
and with the SportingLife 10K 41 days away, I want to drive that time under 7
minutes. My strikes per minute were close to being on target at 136 and I maxed
them out at 170SPM. 538 calories (according to Garmin) and i was done. Literally. I’m going to give the treadmill another go tomorrow and see
if I’m still having issues with the legs.
Quad Stretches
Calf Stretches
Hip Stretches
Now on a very important and connected note, let’s talk about
diet. I haven’t been very strict the last few months with what I’ve been putting
into my body. I’m no where near where I used to be (consumption of fast food
wise), but I haven’t been strict or careful enough. Well hello April. A month
of really trying to focus on how much, what and where I eat. Lots of cooking, brown
bags (for lunch), @CrossFitCanuck and Running.
It’s about to get REEEAAAAALLLLLL…


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