You Have to Fuel the Machine

What a week this has been. 
There have been ups, downs and a sideways or too along the way.  The CrossFit Open 2013 came to a close today
@CrossFitCanuck and like clockwork I was there on Friday night to try my hand
at it (and yes, this post is a bit late). With all the new work we’ve been
doing and what seemed like back-to-back-to-back WODs targeting the same group
of muscles (hello C&J, Snatch and Push Presses, over and over again), my
hopes were not high going into Friday. I currently don’t have Chest to Bar in
my repertoire and coming off a late night at the Gala of Light, there was the
potential for ugliness.

2000m Row (Moderate – 4m30s 1000m Pace)
2 Rounds of
10 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
10 Goblet Squats (@25lbs)
10 Push-ups
I loosened up with the PVC and then some deep squats using
the rig. I was feeling Wednesday’s Thrusters and Pull-ups in the worst kind of
way (not the I’m sore because I worked out way, but in the you’ve abused me all
week and I’m on strike kind) and after attempting some Chest to Bar at RX,
tonight would be assisted. Warming up to the proper weight for Thrusters was
probably the most enjoyable part of the day. 
Ready yet? OK, let’s do this.
Open WOD 13.5
4 minute CAP
15 Thrusters (@100lbs)
15 Chest to Bar (I was modifying with the Blue Band)
*If 90 Reps are completed, CAP moves to 8 minutes and
continues to increase after every 90 Reps thereafter.
Thanks to Sue Ann for judging me again and for @girmantitov
and @DefconRX for the support while I was going.  4 minutes doesn’t sound like lot of time (and
it’s not), but when you are trying to go as fast as possible and still keep
enough energy for the next 3 rounds, it’s a lifetime. I worked as hard as I could,
but my body was fighting this one pretty steadily.  I got through the first 30 reps OK, but
really started to struggle on the second round of Thrusters.  In the end I got back to the C2B and managed
to finish the 4 minutes with 48 total reps.
Now I had just been planning to do 13.5 and then head out
for dinner with M and JNats (thanks for hosting), but the 530p class was doing
Deadlifts (my favorite) and Tavia convinced me to jump in. This is where the
lesson in fueling the body comes in. Even a Ferrari will stall out if you don’t
put premium into the tank and I am more like an 18-wheeler than a sports car. A
night out drinking followed by 1 meal, off plan at 10am and a GU Gel (sorry
Tavia) before the WOD does not give the body enough to keep going. I got
through the first 4 or 5 Deadlifts @225lbs and the world starting flipping
topsy turvy. I started having real trouble remembering which way was up and at
one point there was even a moment where I was two stepping just to remain upright.
I got some air and tried to go, but finally had to call it quits. It literally
took me 30 minutes (plus a recovery drink) to get to the point where I felt
safe driving.
Lesson Learned.
This morning I got to cheer on my fellow Canucks as they had
their turn at 13.5. You guys were incredible and everyone one of you let it all
out on the bar today.  Congrats to a job
well done and like Tavia says, training for the 2014 Open starts Monday.  Let’s bring the THUNDER!!!!

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