The 5 W’s

Who, What, Where, When, Why and sometimes How…

Dad. Birthday. Kitchener (although currently in Niagara
Falls with Momma C). Today. Well, because it is. How, well, we’ll just leave
that one alone today.  Happy Birthday Old


Now there is a gaping hole on the calendar for yesterday’s
workout and there was no way I could get around it.  My back was messed up and I even contemplated
leaving work because I couldn’t sit, stand or do anything else.  I came home and cooked instead (and made
turkey soup for the first time).

Today was a different story though. As much as I didn’t want
to do anything but roll over and go back to bed, I got up and on the bike. It
sucked, but I did it. A nice 10K spin at an easy pace (my legs are still gooey)
finished in 20m52s. Nothing spectacular, but I was up and moving which is the
whole point of any exercise. Average cadence was 82 and my average heart rate
was 130BPM maxing out at 140BPM.

Now to be honest the reason I really got up was because I went
shopping yesterday. Yes, I still hate shopping, but there was a happy side. In
the desperate search to remain clothed, I had to go shopping for jeans. I
reached for the ‘normal’ size I get and guess what… Too Big!! There may have
been a cartwheel (ok, not really), but the size I ended up getting was a number
I haven’t seen since the 10th grade.


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3 Thoughts to “The 5 W’s”

  1. Anonymous

    You went shopping without me?!? LOL. I'm so happy for you B.. Can't wait to fend off aggressive sales guys for you soon!! = )

  2. Anonymous

    That is awesome! Can't wait to see you!

  3. 2 minutes for looking good-skinny…

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