It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

With the sun streaming in the window this morning, I thought
spring might actually be upon us.  With
Grande Pike in hand I headed for a walk around the neighborhood to loosen the
old bones up for a spin session with Spritz this afternoon. Coach Jillian
(Tavia) has me on a tight schedule and we are pushing extra hard this week
(reducing my sugar intake along with the paleo diet) to see if we can break
through the barrier for my birthday. The diet portion will be ‘golden’ this
week with roasted chicken, Mexican shredded chicken salad and veggies coming
out the ying-yang (BTW, Highland Farms needs to be your go to if you want great
fruits and veggies at really good prices).

While I was cooking up a storm, I was also trying to work
myself up for some bike time. That hadn’t been an issue until recently, but I am
happy to say that in between making the above menu selections and cooking a
meatloaf I did manage to get motivated. The goal of today’s session was to get
back up to training speeds and tensions. The goals were a cadence of 90+ and a
heart rate above 140BPM but below 160BPM (as per Dr. Spin).

It was a little bit tough to get up to speed, but once I got
warmed up it was ok. With Pirates of the Caribbean to keep me distracted (c’mon
who doesn’t love a classic) I worked the pedals like it was my job. 15KM in
28m19s isn’t a bad time for ride 3 of 2013, but there is still lots of room for
improvement. I did manage to ring up an average cadence of 91RPM and my average
BPM was 142.  I maxed out at 157BPM and
managed not to do any damage to myself. Calf stretches (which hurt thanks to
13.2) and quad work and then off to sit and relax for the remainder of the

This week will be shaping up for CrossFit on Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (hold the phone, why the extra day? I
will be doing 13.3 on Friday and the Fundamentals class with the Little Redhead
from Brantford) and spinning at least 3 times. 
If I make it to the end, Saturday should be a rip roaring good time.


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