Work Harder. Do Better.

Work Harder. Do Better. Work Harder. Do Better. It has been
a rough couple of weeks for me and as a result some aspects of my life have
gone a bit sideways. No worries, but it did lead to some very marginal food
choices and possibly an over indulgence in booze. Combine that with the issues
that I’ve been having with my back, quads and thumb and progress hasn’t
stopped, but it has slowed (a bit). So with apologies to Tavia and the rest of
my @CrossFitCanuck crew, I will be working harder to get to the top of the Rope
and to my goal posted on the board.

To help further that goal I am issuing a challenge.  A Burpee Challenge. Now we all know that I friggin
hate Burpees, but someone I follow on twitter is doing it as a way to improve
his overall fitness and hey, it’s a good idea. 
So the Challenge is this, 100 Days of Burpees. Day 1 you do 1
Burpee.  Day 2 you do 2 Burpees… Day 100
you do 100 Burpees.  If you miss a day,
you start back at 1.  There’s a big group
including @Wardy_. @Keilshammer, @CADPRO00 and @hoodieruns so join us for the

2 Rounds of
30 seconds of Jumping Jacks
30 seconds of Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
30 seconds of Skipping (fast singles)
30 seconds of Hurdle Jumps
30 seconds of Ball Slams (10lb/14lb)
30 seconds of Squats
30 seconds of Mountain Climbers
30 seconds of Split Lunges

We were working on Overhead Squats again (great) and just
like last time my stupid hips don’t want to open or close if I have weight
overhead. I don’t understand. It has to be a brain issue because the body
SHOULD be able to do it. 5 rounds of 3 reps at 55lbs (you can stop laughing
now). From there we moved to Double Unders and Pull-ups.
D and T Special
5 Rounds
20 Double Unders
20 Pull-ups
15 minute cap and every rep that isn’t done is a Burpee

This WOD was not built for me, but using the Work Harder
theme I did my best.  Attempts “counted”
as a DU, but it was still a bunch of skipping. 
I used the big blue band for the pull-ups, but I still have work to do
there too. I finished 3 full rounds plus 6 pull-ups so I ended up with a
boatload of Burpees or 54 (plus the 1 for the challenge).  This is why #530Crew and family rock,
@Keilshammer took 20 of those to ease the load (A Big THANK YOU Hammer).

4x250m Max effort Rows

Here’s where I made up for the brutal Double Under showing.
Since it was an all guy WOD tonight (@SarahBassels, Katie, Anne, @Wardy_ where
were you guys?) the competition factor for fastest row got amped up. When the
dust settled I had outpaced @DefconRX and @Keilshammer with a time of 46.8
seconds for 250m (on my second row). WOO!!! Not bad (52.3s, 46.8s, 53.7s and




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