Soon? That’s right, soon. Me at the top of the Rope. I will
come back to this, first let’s talk food and my challenge.  So this is Day 3 and everything is still on
track.  That might not seem like much,
but I got up one morning to make a stir-fry at 6:40am for that days lunch and I
spent all night Tuesday making food for the next few days. Dedication? Sort of,
it really is a desire to be successful with this lifestyle change and to see if
paleo is the missing component to get me under that 300 barrier.

20 Calorie Row
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
30 Double Unders (I did a combo of attempts and skips)
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
40 Mountain Climbers

It was a small class @CrossFitCanuck so Tavia (or Jillian
Michaels as she will be known for the next 30 days) was paying close attention
to form. Tavia and I even did some work on my Pull-up (which I’m starting to
get close to doing without the band. Well 1 anyway) in preparation for the day
when I can do them.  After that it was
off to work on the First Pull + Hand Snatch… er, wait that’s First Pull + HANG
Snatch. 7 sets of 2 reps working at 95lbs for me and while I was still having
trouble with the squat on the end, it was getting better.

WOD (5 Rounds for Time)

2 minutes All Out
20 Calorie Row
12 Box Jumps (Originally they were lateral, but with the
knee everything in a straight line for me onto 3x45lb plates)
HSPU (From the box)

1 minute Rest
Reps only count for HSPU!

Wow, that was a tough WOD. The cardio portion was insane and
the #530Crew (@SarahBassels, Iron Anne, @girmantitov, Mans and @DefconRX)
worked really hard.  There wasn’t a lot
of time for the last to movements after the Row (except for the first row for
me which I knocked out in 36 seconds!!). 
When it was all done and I had scraped myself off the floor, I had
rounds as follows: 17, 0, 7, 0, 3. Total score of 27. I wasn’t confident I was
going to get to a single HSPU.

10 minutes
2x ME UB Pull-ups
2x ME UB Ring Dips

As soon as we were done, I hit the GHD for 2×20 and then
some shoulder stretching.  After that it
was off to the Rope for my homework.  This
is where ‘Soon’ comes into play, because after Monday’s work I was feeling a
lot better. I had good hangs and repeatedly brought the knees up and got a foot
lock on the Rope.  I’m getting closer and
closer to the birthday goal of climbing the Rope.


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