It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

When you see a title like that for a WOD at 5:45am, let me
tell you, you will get scared. With the CrossFit Open merely weeks away the
training sessions have been getting more intense and based on the grumbling by
@Keilshammer and @CADPRO00 last night was a doozy. So in keeping with that
motif, I grabbed a ‘Fistful of Quarters’ (Pop Culture Reference: Do a Google
search on that movie title) and got ready to feed the machine and save Pauline
and beat the Big Monkey.

I will throw another Pop Culture reference out there for
you.  I’m starting to feel like ‘Mr.
Glass’ from Unbreakable. While doing the warm-up I tweaked my knee (aggravated
a lingering injury) and as a result I had some issues later in the WOD (just
preparing you).

30 Lateral Hurdle Jumps
10 Good Mornings
20 Lateral Hurdle Jumps
2 Bear Crawls
10 Lateral Hurdle Jumps
10 Push-ups
10 Atomic Sit-ups

I found the drawback of wearing Reebok Oly shoes, no
cushion.  With a body this big jumping
laterally, it was tough landings all around, but on the plus side I DID the
jumps. I’m sure the knee issue will just need a massage and some stretching,
but it did slow down my Front Squats.  It
felt like I couldn’t dig my heel in and drive, but I still managed to do the
lifts @125lbs. My new mission in the Front Squat is to work on hand position,
elbows up and sitting back into the hole. 
Lots to do!

3 Rounds for Time
5 Deadlifts (@225lbs)
10 Handstand Pushups (From the Box)
500m Row (Supposed to be Lateral Box Jumps, but my knee was
having none of it)

It was an all-out blast and I finished in 10m01s and let me
tell you I was PISSED about that 1 second. Ah well, next time it will be a sub
10m WOD. The rows were sub 6 minutes for the 1500m distance, but I had some
trouble on the second round which is why my time was brutal.

20 Ring Rows
20 Ring Dips

Holy crap, as soon as you move to ‘False Grip’ everything gets
harder. The night wasn’t over yet though, 2×20 on the GHD and shoulder
stretching.  Then the $64,000 question, “Are
you working on the Rope?”… Short answer, YUP! I skipped the Rope on Monday and
was quite excited when I was able to lock my feet in and make it a staggering
15” off the floor (NEW RECORD).  I got my
next round of instruction, working on bringing my knees up while in the hang
position. Hip stretching, back rollout and quad stretches and I was ready for


*Thanks to @girmantitov for the photo


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