113,016?  What the
heck does that mean?  Well as I return to
my regularly scheduled programing, I am on the back half of Boys Weekend to
Michigan. That number is the number of people that joined me inside Michigan
University’s Stadium, aka The Big House. Now over the course of the weekend we
could talk about the diet. Let’s Move on. There was the drinking. Let’s keep
moving (C’mon, we were at a college football game). There was the decision to
make it through some adversity to my CrossFit class (on Monday), WOOHOO,
winning. Oh and for those that are following I passed my test on Friday and I am
officially certified (CCNA, its geek stuff).

So while I was gone (only for Friday), I got 50 new email
messages including one saying that a printer we had just fixed was offline
again.  Tech was supposed to be here first
thing in the morning.  He shows up at
4:20pm. I let him know, we close at 5:00pm. 5:05pm he tests the printer and it
doesn’t work. ARRRGGGHHHH! Fix it. This printer has to work for tomorrow.  I leave at 5:25pm (after already having sent
an email saying I was missing the class). 
I start to feel guilty before I even leave the driveway.  @CADPRO00 and @Keilshammer were already there
waiting along with @DIPESHLAKANI who was coming for his first class (and Erin
too!). I can’t let my teammates down.

Fifteen Minutes Late…

I almost started crying when I saw the warm-up.  I got moving because I knew I wouldn’t be
getting everything in and I wanted to work hard.

400m Run (my first run outside)

2 Rounds of:
5x Pushups
10x Ring Rows
15x Squats

I jumped in midway through the strength training and did my
best to keep up.  I even managed to draw
blood!! I’m a Warrior now! We hit some skills and I still have lots of work to
do with the bar across my back.  I just
can’t get my shoulders open far enough to be 100% comfortable with my
control.  After that comes my form. I need
to be even more vigilante when it comes to that.

 4×3 Drop Snatch

5 Muscle Ups
100m Row
4 Muscle Ups
200m Row
3 Muscle Ups
300m Row
2 Muscle Ups
400m Row
1 Muscle Up
500m Row

Cash Out
4×3 KB Turkish Get Ups

I had a great sweat on and am really happy that I made the
class. I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s class.

Beez, CCNA Certified


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