Me And My Big Mouth

So before I get into today and the week that has been (and
is yet to come), I just want to take a quick minute and say ‘Thank You’ to all
the people who have been following the blog, posting comments, sending me notes
(via email, BBM and text) and to those who just keep coming back to read.  I ran into someone I used to work with and he
told me that he follows my blog and congratulated me on my hard work.  Stories like these not only make you feel
really excellent (and validate my blogging), but also help to keep me

After a little bit of a late night (visit from Denis and the
first half of the Monday Nighter), I was certainly in no mode to interact with
the world when the radio came to life at 5:15am.  Of course hearing the words “Peyton Manning
engineered a comeback for the ages” on 680News, definitely caused my eyes to
fly open.  Seriously? It was 24-0 San
Diego when we shut down the evening. Open they did though and my body slowly
got moving for today’s outing to GoodLife (and it has been a while).

After finding my way back to the gym (no mean feat I might
add), I decided that today was going to be a cardio day. For all those shaking
your heads and screaming “what, no weights?” fear not, this is only day one. I
hopped on the treadmill and worked a 40 minute session with an incline of
2.5.  For most of that time I was working
on a 4 mph pace (hey it’s a US treadmill, but it works out to 6.43 kph), but
using my recent 10K training, I had some sessions at high speed.  I finished at 2.61 miles and burned 538

Once I hopped of the treadmill it was straight to the ‘ski’
style elliptical.  With yesterday’s
workout and the treadmill session, my legs were pretty rubbery, but I knew that
this had to be done.  Another 26 minutes
of cardio covering 3.3 miles and burning an additional 468 calories.  It was tough sledding for the last 10 minutes
and I was ready to quit, but I gutted it out. 
I had planned to get on the bike for 15 minutes, but I just couldn’t
swing it (and knowing it was spinner or pool tomorrow).

Not a bad first day back.

Now you are probably wondering about the blog title today
and here is the mouth section. Well here it is. 
I ACCEPT.  @hoodieruns and
@c_snapper, it looks like that we have a date for the Scotiabank Marathon 2013.  Oy!  Well
this is how I did my first Duathlon so the symmetry is nice.  If you’re in the neighborhood of the marathon
next year, come out and cheer your favorite blogger (and if you don’t seem
them, you can always cheer for me) as I try to complete the half.

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