First Commute

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I made (and
survived) my first commute to the Big K (my place of employment) on the bike.  After scouting the route on Sunday I was ready
to give it a try today (after having conferred with @Keilshammer about some
nuances).  With his advice I managed to
make it in one piece and early (although a tad sweaty). The route is off the
normal beat and path and contact with traffic was kept to a minimum.

So the ride there (which I felt was uphill at the time) was
quiet and peaceful.  There were a couple
of missteps because I was looking for a connector from Bayview and York Mills
that did not involve off-roading and gravel paths.  Mission accomplished!  No hassles no mess and made it to the path
that leads to under Don Mills. By the time I rolled into work, it had taken
48m03s and I had covered 17KM on the nose. 
I don’t have heart rate info because I blended the round trip into one

The remainder of the work day actually passed very quickly,
but I started to get worn down by about three o’clock.  My legs which felt great this morning had
started to seize up around lunch time and to be honest it was a challenge not
to eat everything I could find.  I wasn’t
looking forward to the ride home at all (well, mostly because there were going
to be some delicate street crossings and sidewalk riding).

Making my way back to Casa de Chocolate was a little bit
different and I ended up shaving both time and distance off the first
trip.  Finished the ride back in 46m27s
and cut the route down to 16.18KM, mostly because I skipped the underpass and
took a roundabout way on the paths. My average heart rate for the whole round
trip was 154BPM and I maxed out in the neighborhood of 180BPM (probably on the
hill that killed @CADPRO00 on Sunday).

Overall this is a really good training exercise and I think I
can commit to commuting at least two times a week.  Not bad when you think about it, a minimum of
68KMs a week leading up to Wasaga.  Big
thanks to @Wardy_ for having a look at the two knots I’ve been calling calves
for the last three weeks.  I might take
it easy tomorrow (Sheila will be going at these knots tomorrow) and then back
to riding Tuesday.


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