Still Know Where The Gym Is…

Well the good news is I still know where the gym is (and I had
both eyes open for the whole ride too), the bad news is my body HATES ME!  I don’t understand why, I have been taking it
easy this month (and most of last month too), I got new shoes and I didn’t do
anything outrages.  Why?  Why does my body treat me like this?  Doesn’t it know that this is the best thing
for both of us in the long run?  Less
weight to carry around, a longer life (hopefully), bunny rabbits hopping and rays
of sunshine (think Disney here). Please work with me here…

No I’m sure the German Cat will be all over me when he sees
treadmill and elliptical in my workout list, but there aren’t a lot of
options.  I can’t ride all the time and
these are moderately low impact (even the treadmill, I’m not running or
anything, just a very fast paced walk with a bit of an incline).  Nothing to see here, just honest calorie

So the plan for the next nine weeks is a combo platter of
cardio, cycling, spinning and in the last few weeks, actual running.  The goal date is September 8th…
Wasaga Duathlon. No pressure or anything, but I want to beat my time by twenty
minutes… That is a big chunk of time and I will have to work hard to do it, but
if successful I should be able to carve out a big chunk of weight.  But let’s not get too far ahead of the plan,
first step (which actually started last week with the early wakeup test runs),
was to get out of bed, get put together and GET to the gym.

Mission 1A Accomplished

So today started as an all-around session, heavy on the
intro cardio, but ran into some shoulder trouble and turned it into a cardio
heavy day. Treadmill and Elliptical were the poisons of choice and I felt
pretty good considering I had upped the pace from my usual.

Treadmill – 35 minutes, 2.18 miles, 462 calories
Pectoral Flyes – 5×20 @130lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×20 @30lbs
Incline Chest Press – 3×12 @30lbs (stopped here due to R
Elliptical – 35 minutes, 5,477 strides, 509 calories

Hit the showers a little early and got to work at a good
time.  Got some oatmeal and various
supplements (Magnesium Citrate, B100, Multi Vitamin, 2x Calcium, Vitamin D) into
me and had a pretty good day.  A wee bit
of discomfort from the right ankle, but good energy levels and really
focused.  So far a good start, now just
to string them together.


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