Back On The Wagon… Banged My Knee

Holy sweet merciful baby gouda.  That will learn me.  So I’m coming off four days of boarding and
five days of drinking (mostly beer) and eating, well let’s say, not well. As
the previous postings clearly demonstrate, there was a lot of physical activity
on the hill and what some don’t get is that being a rather large brother, the
amount of energy required to peel oneself off the mountain is immense.  Thursday pretty much wiped me out until today
(and truth be told I should still be resting) because of the wear and tear on
my legs.

So Monday I woke up and knew straight away that a morning
session was not in the cards. I even had a feeling that a night session was
less than a 50% chance of happening (but I rolled over and went back to sleep
anyway). My legs are way beyond dead, they would like nothing better than to
lay in bed for a month, but we all know that’s out of the question.  This morning was the same thing, tired legs
and no motivation.


Tonight I got home got fed and got my second wind (mostly
due to the PVR’d episode of Castle that I told myself I couldn’t watch unless I
worked out), got dressed and got on the bike. I-DID-NOT-WANT-TO. I did it
anyway though and managed to get in a 50 minute session (which is longer than
my normal one) at a really good clip and with good resistance. I logged 26.48KM
at an average cadence of 90 (right on target…YAY).  My heart rate was a little ‘elevated’
averaging about 159BPM and maxing out in the neighborhood of 168BPM.

I also started an online food journal using I’m listed
under bigbrnz, look me up or add me as a friend to keep track of
calories.  It seems to be pretty complete
and easy to use and it also has mobile apps.

Hopefully I can get back in rhythm,


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One Thought to “Back On The Wagon… Banged My Knee”

  1. dude! counting calories is old school n i don't mean cool…too much work….too much math…. and its not for everybody either….everything in moderation with 15-30 minute exercise everyday (or at least(at least!!) 3 times a week) will get you where you want to go. not a bad idea to give up booze for a month…(hey, what if ya can't do it?) think of all those cals.
    just sayin.

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