Tuesday, This Weeks’ New Monday

Clearly I was too excited about yesterday being a good day.
This is the first time in a week and a half that I had trouble getting out of
bed. It was a struggle to open my eyes. The only reason I managed to pry my
backside out of bed was the knowledge that if I didn’t get up and do something
(spinning because I was late and couldn’t get up in time) I wouldn’t be able to
work out today at all.  With Eva’s
appointment tonight and blackberry repair odds are pretty high that nothing was
going to happen.

I finally got up and dressed and hopped on Spritz.  Fired up the PVR, queued up last nights’
episode of Castle (one of the great shows on TV) and started pumping the
pedals.  It was really, really tough
sledding to get started.  It was hard to
get into a rhythm, it was hard to make it 40 minutes (session time) and it was
hard to keep my heart rate from getting absolutely out of control.  Not sure why it was such a struggle (because I
didn’t work legs), but this is in the top ten for most difficult spins ever.

So a 40 minute (five second) session covering 20.50KM and
they were hard ones.  My average heart
rate was 151 BPM and I hit a maximum of 161 BPM. All in all, the heart rate was
right in the target window. Not bad considering that the energy level in my
body was just above dipping into the emergency reserves. 

Today’s post is short (and lacking witty insights and such),
but I got up late and I will be busy tonight so it is better than nothing. Have
a great Monday, er I mean Tuesday.


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