Awesome Monday. Not a Typo…

Welcome to week two! Guess what? It is a great Monday (no, I have not been smoking anything, I’m serious, I feel great). I have no explanation for why this is the case (it could be that my San Francisco 49ers won a playoff game for the ages on Saturday), but I woke up this morning and I was ready to get rolling.  If I can keep this up for a few weeks, I will beat Mayor Ford to the goal weight.

So after a weekend off (it was a full card last week, five workouts) and some marginal choices (missed dinner on Saturday due to all the excitement) I was ready to get back on the wagon.  This week will be focusing on the diet portion of our plan (I made a seriously delicious stew on Sunday evening, not that I’m tooting my own horn).  I’m planning to include lots of water, nothing fast food-ish and lots of exercise in this weeks’ plan.

But I digress…

The gym workout this morning:

Treadmill – 16 minutes, 199 calories and 0.87 miles
Close Grip Pull-down – 3×15 @90lbs
Reverse Grip Pull-down – 3×12 @85lbs
Supported Row – 1×12 @115lbs and 2×12 @100lbs
Front Dumbbell Raises – 3×12 @15lbs
Rear Delt – 3×15 @105lbs
Shoulder Press – 3×15 @35lbs
Triceps Extensions – 4×12 @70lbs
Cybex Arc Trainer – 3 minutes, 31 calories (didn’t like the motion)
Elliptical – 30 minutes, 4413 strides, 466.2 calories

I was feeling pretty great, during the workout, but also for the whole day.  I felt great! Now the key will be which order the rest of the weeks’ workouts will happen.  Spin, Gym, Spin or Swim (yes, I put spinning in the list twice)? The ankle is still pretty tender (that Cybex machine’s motion was awkward and painful), but the calf is really loosening up nicely and @Wardy_ is going to practice on it tomorrow (massage for computer/blackberry help, which is a great deal for both parties).

I’m in to see Eva tomorrow to ‘hopefully’ get a meal plan and the next steps for the nutrition plan.  Can’t wait, because with the first batch of drops (pretty sure it was the vitamin D3) I was feeling absolutely outstanding.


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