Surprising Endorsement

So this blog was originally designed to keep me honest while I was doing P90X.  People could check in on me to not only see how I was doing, but to also keep me on the straight and narrow.  Today was a big day, because the Heart and Stroke Foundation asked me to join their blogging community and write about my experiences as I get ready for the big ride.  It looks like I will have to dust off the spell checker and keep the cussing to a minimum.  Tonight this blog served its’ main purpose, it got me on the bike not out of guilt, but out of desire to make sure any new readers have some material (ok, and a bit of guilt).

I woke up this morning and my calf wasn’t any better (and since today was going to be a spinning day anyway) so I blew off getting up and going to the gym.  I still find it a wonder that my calf hurts seeing as I didn’t do any calf specific exercises (although it could be because my body might have been trying to protect my ankle).  Made it through work got home and fed and started unwinding with a little bit o’ TV.  Now I would have been more than happy to call it a night on the couch, but I had to get some material.

Got suited up and on Spritz and started pedaling away (watching Shaun of the Dead to keep my mind off the fact I really wasn’t 100% into spinning tonight). 40 minutes later that was all she wrote for me after having covered 20.74KM.  Not bad, but not my fastest pace or longest distance for that time (I guess I do still have some time to get ready).  My average RPMs was 88 and I managed a 147 average BPM spiking in the neighborhood of 155.  Once I was done and under the strict advice of Ms. Twitch (one of my co-workers who provided some stretching advice to fix my calf) I did a whole lot of calf/hamstring stretches and quad stretches to loosen my legs up.

Tomorrow’s a gym day (if I can break-up with my bed first thing in the morning) and hopefully all my parts will be in the green (or at least working well enough to workout).



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