If It’s Not One Thing…

It’s funny how dead the gym is first thing in the morning.  I wonder if all the ‘Resolution’ people have already folded up their tents and moved on to other broken promises.  Now don’t for a second think I’m just being a ‘Negative Nelly’, because I’ve been part of that crew. There is a time however when you have to do the things that are not pleasant and put your nose to the grindstone.  Today was one of those days.

My ankle was feeling really good for the first time in a couple of weeks, but I was exhausted and there has been a lack of chatter over the last little while (little Brantford Redhead and @hoodieruns, I’m looking your directions) to make me feel like people are out there.  Thing is, I am motivated to get my weight down not only for health reasons, but to also make activities more fun (bike riding, snowboarding and football to name a few). OF course when I finally climbed out of bed, my right calf was just a GIANT knot (Really?  Can I please catch a break here?).

I still peeled myself out of bed and got moving (even managed to drive with both eyes open this morning).  Only issue with being late is that I had to cut a couple of exercises from the to-do list.  Now that isn’t a huge deal at this point because my body is still in the ‘trying to figure this new thing out’ phase.  It will matter a lot more as we get closer to June and Ride for Heart season.  Today’s session lasted 1hr and 14mins, but my BPM didn’t get nearly as high as yesterday (I will have to work on that Friday, tomorrow is a spinning day).  I’m also going to start wearing my heart monitor so I can track it more easily.

Treadmill – 13 minutes, 159 calories, 0.70 miles
Bent Row – 3×12 @100ilbs
1 Arm Hammer Row – 3×15 @35lbs
Lat Pulldowns – 2×12 @100lbs and 1×15 @85lbs
Shoulder Press – 2×15 @35lbs and 2×15 @35lbs
Rear Delt – 1×12 @105lbs, 1×12 @100lbs and 1×20 @100lbs
Tricep Extensions – 2×15 @85lbs and 1×20 @60lbs
Recumbant Bike – 30 minutes, 313 calories, 8.23 miles and 80+ RPMs
The key over the next four weeks will be to get into (and maintain) a steady rhythm. Once you get past the initial pain and it turns into habit, then it becomes a lot easier. That and getting into a healthy eating cycle.  Now I haven’t been eating horribly, but it isn’t always easy to get something healthy.  I’m also meeting with Eva on Tuesday and she is building a meal plan for me so hopefully the weight will come peeling off just like last time.  I can only hope that it isn’t too complicated and includes good food.

See you tomorrow,


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