The 12 Days of Xmas & The Feeding Frenzy

Well if that isn’t the title to a great story then I don’t know what is.  Yes I’ve been away for a long time, let’s move past that and I will fill you in on the train wreck that I have become.  Now that’s not to say that I haven’t been a busy little Beez, but I would be lying if I said I was running at 100% efficiency. Problem is at this happiest time of the year, suppliers and vendors send awesome ‘Thank You’ gifts filled with chocolatey goodness.  Needless to say I have been grazing my way from department to department for the better part of four days.

When last we left our hero…

Playing the ‘Head Elf’ and the little BFL game (and the sprain that occurred) took a heavy toll on the body of your truly.  Now there wasn’t any flu-like symptoms, but I was sick as a dog for a week (including one sick day from work) and another few days of trying to climb back into the light.  It’s really tough to work out when you are congested, coughing and your nose is running like a friggin tap.  What’s easier? Stay at home, lay on the couch and think about absolutely nada.

You’ve heard me mention before (probably more than once if you are a regular reader) that I am not happy with life (and by life let’s qualify that as my body and my health).  I once again feel Dis-Gus-ting…  My wait hasn’t fluctuated a whole lot, but my muscle mass has decreased and I can tell by  clothes (unless I really suck at doing laundry… Hey, it’s possible) that my weight is redistributing itself squarely (or roundly) around my middle.

To try and find a new way to lose some pounds, I took the invite from Dr. Spin and visited Dr. Eva Sue-Wah-Sing ( who is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (C.N.P.) and a Registered Holistic Practitioner (R.N.C.P) along with a whole bunch of other things.  Now I am not forsaking the digital age, but I can see the merits of treating mind and body so I decided to give this a try (Lord knows my mind needs all the help it can get). Now we hooked up the ol’ Beezer to the BioMeridian machine and tested my internal workings.  Turns out they are not in tip-top shape, but Eva has prescribed some things to see if we can find a balance.

Now I can hear a large portion of my readers screaming ‘Are you really falling for this BS?’ Hold on their peeps.  I’m as skeptical as most, but what she said made sense and I was willing to give it a go.  Since I have started the regime (and I’m only using half as I’m waiting for the rest to come in), I have been feeling very, very good.  Energy has been very high and I have been very clear minded.  I’m still reserving judgement to see if this is because I think that’s what I should be feeling or if it’s because the protocol is helping.  I will keep you posted.

So tonight I was feeling a bit better, but while my energy has been up, motivation is still in the crapper.  I did say that I had to get moving, because if I only do one thing before the end of the year, it will be to get to 1000KM on the dailymile widget that tracks my total biking and running for the year.  No more excuses Beez, get up, get your $hit together and get hammering on Spritz.  Of course, I ran into trouble with my heart rate monitor, so there were no stats in that regard, but I finally did get moving (after delaying watching two episodes of Storage Wars).

It was tough sledding breathing wise because I’m still on the tail end of this cold, but I did manage to make it 48 minutes and 18 seconds before I had to wave the white flag.  Truth be told, I was ready to cave after the 15 minute mark, but I made it and knocked 25KMs of the remaining total for the year.  The average cadence was 88RPMs but it was tough to judge the tension without being able to gauge it with the heart rate.  I finished up with some quad and hamstring stretches to loosen up the rocks that were my legs.

No promises, only the hope I will blog to you soon.


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