End of an Era

So it’s do or die time for the Blue Rams.  We are down 1-0 in a best of 3 series and I’m
not going to lie, my body wants no part of this.  The leg and the foot are severely acting up,
but we only have 10 guys so I can’t bail (although some guys did feeling the
consolation round wasn’t worth showing up for).

We get tacked up for game one and get behind right off the
hop. I couldn’t hit the broadside of the Oasis of the Seas tonight (0-for-5 at
the board), but at least for all my futility I didn’t hit into any double
plays.  I was working heard just trying
to find a comfortable way to step into the batter’s box.  The team though managed to scrape out a win
so we lived to play game 2. 
Game 2 under the lights at Dunton, playing for our playoff
lives in a 1 game, winner takes all cage match. Win and you’re in, lose and you’re
golfing (lots of clichés but just for the record I don’t golf). The entire game
was back and forth, inning after inning. 
I managed not to totally suck at the dish, going 1-for-3 with a walk and
a run scored.  When it was all said and
done however, we made too many mistakes in the field.  Dropping fly balls that were makeable, not
holding runners and throwing the ball around we couldn’t get past our own
So as the night closed, my Men’s League career came to a
close (although I am leaving open the possibility of playing as a sub next
year) and I’m very thankful for the fluke that allowed me to play with the Rams
for six years.  To think, seeing Kotack
on the subway one afternoon in downtown Toronto lead to a team that was a
3-time defending league champion.
In the end though, the toll on my body was just too
much.  Knee injuries (one of which will
eventually require surgery), damage to my back, shoulders and most importantly
ankles were just too hard to come back from.
77 is now hanging in the rafters (or outfield),

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