Ball Season Winding Down

I’m sorry to tell you this Leslie, but running is not going
well.  How not well you ask? Like, not at
all.  So as posted previously I played
ball last Wednesday for the Dawgs in game one of our playoff series and there
was some crazy action happening with my legs. 
My quad on the left side is pulled and my foot is killing me (believed
to be an issue with metatarsals). So needless to say I took it really easy on
the weekend (and as long as you aren’t counting Rankin’s visit and Pauly’s

Queue up game time on Monday after my foot finally starts to
feel normal.  I’m taking it relatively easy,
trying to make sure I’m not putting too much pressure on my lower half.  I sit the first inning defense and come in to
play 3B in the bottom of the second. Second batter of the inning pops up really
short and after the first step I know I’m in trouble.  Pulled and burning (quad and foot
respectively).  I make the play but am
resigned to the fact that this won’t be pleasant.
A couple of innings at 3B and one in LF and the game is done
defensively.  Offensively 2-for-3 with a
double, RBI and a run scored.  Issue
again is the foot when running, but what can you do.  We stayed with the top team again, but gave
up one big inning and as a result we ended up on the wrong side of a 19-14
score.  Still the team is playing really
On to the Rams tomorrow.

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