Too Bad…

We could have had them and we let them off the hook.  Those are disappointing words to here at any time, but especially today with this being our last game of the season.  We were playing the undefeated first place team and have held them tough in both previous games (and dare I say it, made them a bit worried by how tough we were), but in the end, we just didn’t have the bodies to win one of the games.

So we arrived at a completely new diamond (and may I just say the stupidest location ever) and I just barely made game time because of traffic and stupid people (seriously, how do some people get a driver’s license?).  Got suited up and had an abbreviated throwing session to try and get the shoulder warmed up (I had to play 3B tonight because the quad (L) and the foot (R) would not permit me to play the outfield.  By all rights I shouldn’t have been playing, but that’s another story).
We started off very well putting up three in the top of the first, but gave up six in the bottom.  We kept coming back and making a game of it, but as in the other two games, we gave up that one mercy inning (seven runs is the most you can score in any one inning except the last one) and that was the end of us. 
It was a busy day at 3B and my arm was not there (pretty much par for the course this year). I made a bunch of stabs, but missed two runners at first because my throws drew Michelle off the bag and one at second when the ball went through Julie.  Did make a couple of the requisite across the diamond throws and Mich helped a bunch on the other end.  I did have a highlight of the night moment, fielding a ball down the third base line backhanded, pivoting and making a good throw to 1B to register the out (yeah me, but too little too late).
With the stick I was continuing the hot playoff series and went 3-for-3 with a double, two singles, a run scored and an RBI.  That’s where the positives ended though as I struggled pushing of on the foot.  This comes after seeing Dr. Spin on Wednesday night (who was not happy with the state of my body).  Issue on the foot was my ankle was locked again and that resulted in the metatarsal heads being jammed and inflamed.  It was not a pleasant session, but in the end it was for the best.
I was only put out once in a three game series.  With that positive I hang up the cleats…

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